How to Turn Dead Domains Into Cash Income Streams

Domaining for Cash

Do you have an inventory of great domains that are just sitting around costing you money each year? Would you rather turn them into cash? Read on for tips and training to turn your dead domain assets into cash income streams using a system called domaining.

One of the questions I ask people during the From Overwhelmed to Mastery webinar was how many domains they had. Answers raised from zero to over 50.

I just check my inventory and I have 76.

Now, the consumer in me is thinking…

“Wow! I'm spending nearly $800 a year just to keep these domains. And they aren't making me one red cent.”

Then the entrepreneur rises up to say,

“You know better! These are assets.”

What does that mean?

People love to buy domains. The key is to be the one on the other side of the transaction.

This could mean I start using my PLR to build a website on one of these domains. Then flip the website for a hundred bucks or more.

>>> BTW, My PLR license allows you to sell a website in such a manner. You just can't use the PLR to create “canned” PLR sites where the site it uploaded to a new domain. Not every license allows this so check it first. <<<

I did this with a few sites and it is a viable option. Especially if you enjoy building out beautiful websites.

However, you'll get more money if you sell the site with a list. So I recommend you add that into the mix to boost the final price.

How to sell the domain…

You can set up your own auction site using an auction plugin, but that works best when you have an existing audience. is an auction website with the perfect audience of people looking for
blogs to buy. I recommend using Flippa to leverage their audience.

So that's one option. Create a website and then flip it.

But what about creating income off empty domains? This is the simplest way to turn a domain asset into instant cash.

You can also use Flippa for this purpose, but there are other strategies which save you the auction fee and offer greater profits.

I know a domaining guy…

Gene Pimentel is the Czar of domain entrepreneurship. It was kind of natural for him because he also
buys, renovates and sells real properties. He just morphed that concept for buying and selling online assets.

Would you be interested in learning how-to build assets from domains from the Czar?

Gene has three full courses on “domaining” on sale today. Over the past 12 years he's mastered the art of domaining and turned that knowledge into online course.

In other words, you can jump into the world of domain profits right now, without having to spend years of time and tons of dollars making mistakes. Kind of at a crazy price, too.

Click here to set up your online domaining empire.

Go be a Czar or Czarina of the Web!  Check out the sale prices for domains he's sold. There's more out there waiting for you.


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