How to Set Up a Content Funnel Fast

How to Setup Content Funnels

What is a content funnel?

Ryan Deiss is a master of traffic and online marketing. You can read his stuff at Digital Marketer. Loads of value in every post.  Here is what he has to say about traffic:

You don't have a traffic problem, you have a content problem.

The point he's making comes from years of success “getting traffic” because you can always get traffic.


Yes, it's called paying for traffic. If your SEO isn't paying off, guest posts fall flat and other “free traffic” isn't working, you pay for traffic. And even if all that is working, running an occasional paid campaign will do wonders to boost your list.

It's what you do to keep fresh leads flowing into business.

Funneling highly targeted traffic to your lead magnet, sales page or affiliate promo is the key to success. To do this, you set up the flow with relevant content. Use your own information products or take the PLR short-cut for faster set up.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can use the PLR.

How to Put a Content Funnel into Action Quickly Using PLR

How about some quality PLR you can use to put this system into practice?  Sound great? I thought so too.

Using licensed content is a fast way to create each element from scratch, but you do need to make sure it fits your purpose.

Look for PLR that is relevant to your topic.  It really helps when the publisher includes done-for-you list building modules.  Find something that is quickly digested and simple to implement.

  • Short reports
  • Checklists
  • Mindmaps
  • Fill-in-the Blank
  • Templates
  • Short lessons or tutorials

… these all make great lead magnets. 

If the PLR pack also includes a Squeeze Page then that's even better, but not a show stopper. You can always create your offer on a WordPress page with an autoresponder form.

This healthy eating PLR Content Funnel called hits all the check points and more …

Module 1: DFY Product Ebook “Crack the Sugar Habit”
Module 2: Instant List Builder “Top High Intensity Sweeteners with Downer Side Effects”  with squeeze, thank you and download pages
Module 3: Fast Start Sales Page, thank you and download pages
Module 4: 10 Articles: Written by professional niche writer
Module 5: 21 DFY Autoresponders (just load 'em up)
Module 6: 3-page Bestseller book review
Module 7: Pre-sales training presentation
Module 8: License: Full Private Label Rights


Get This PLR Content Funnel



Now that you've got the idea for using PLR to create your content funnel, let's move onto implementation.

The Elements and Flow of a Content Funnel

So the content funnel flow looks like this:

A-Gateway Content (Paid Advert)  --->

B-"Set-Up" Content(Your Blog post)----->

C-Lead Magnet Offer ---->

D-Tripwire Product ---->

E-Revenue Generator Product

Here is that picture with the labels...


How to Setup a Content Funnel


Each element of the content funnel is highly relevant to the offer.

Remember, the Goal.

Goal: Grow your list 

Next, we need to put together the content funnel puzzle.

Pull Together the Content Funnel

Part 1 - Match the PLR to the Content Funnel Elements

Assign content to each stage of the content funnel. I think starting at the beginning is harder than starting at the end. I recommend implementing it in reverse by starting with the Revenue Generator Product. Yup, that's what I said. Reverse engineer it.

That way you always have the final goal in mind.

E - Revenue Generator Product

D - Tripwire Product

C - Lead Magnet Offer

B - "Set-Up" Content(Your Blog post)

A - Gateway Content (Paid Advert)

Here is my approach to matching up the content in this funnel to the PLR elements.

# Revenue Generator (E) - I could use PLR Module 1 - "Crack" ebook as a Revenue generator, but I want to reserve that for the Tripwire(D) and sell it at a lower price. I found this Clickbank product called 'Fatty Liver Solution' offering 75% commissions or about $23. Sweet!

# Tripwire Product (D) - I'll use PLR Module 1 "Crack the Sugar Habit" for the Tripwire Product (D) and set a price of $9. I can control the price of the tripwire which is important for breaking even on paid ads. I can't control the price of the Clickbank product.

# Lead Magnet Offer (C) - This is the Module 2: Instant List Builder "Top High Intensity Sweeteners with Downer Side Effects"

# Set Up Content (B) - This frames up the lead magnet offer. I'll use an article from the 10 included in the PLR pack.

# Gateway Paid Content module (A) - I'm planning on using a Facebook ad for this.  So, I'll create a short message to introduce the blog post. This only needs to be a sentence or two.

Part 2 - Launch

  • Set up your autoresponder list and load your email messages. (These happen to be done for you in the PLR pack Module 5).
  • Upload the tripwire Sales page and HTML funnel or use a WordPress page.
  • Upload the tripwire PDF (“Crack ebook) to hosting.
  • Upload the Squeeze page, Opt-in form and thank you page.
  • Upload your Lead Magnet free gift (Sweeteners report pdf format) to hosting.
  • Create a great title to use for your blogpost. Find a great eye-catching image to use as the featured image on the post.
  • On that blog post place a Call-to-Action button or link sending people to the to Squeeze Page.
  • Publish your post.
  • Use the same title and image in the Gateway post (paid ad). That way there is congruency in between the advertisement and the blog post.
  • Launch your Facebook ad.
  • Grow your list.

You can do this.

Start with great PLR so you can implement your content funnels quickly and easily.

BTW if you have a question about this process leave a comment. If you think this is brilliant you can leave a comment too. 🙂


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  • Dana Cassell

    Reply Reply November 24, 2016

    Excellent “keep it simple” example, Kate. Have saved it to Evernote to have it handy from now on. Thanks for sharing it.

    • kater

      Reply Reply November 24, 2016

      Super Dana, thanks for that feedback. Love Evernote too for keeping track of info and ideas.

  • Susie O'Dea

    Reply Reply November 24, 2016

    I love reverse engineering! If I start at the beginning I start making “addons” and making my ‘project’ harder than it has to be. If I start at the end and work to the front it makes it easier for me.

    Plus, I also love your PLR packages for making all the steps an even easier process!

    You are certainly the funnel expert Kate! Thanks to you, I have made my own funnels even better. Needless to say, another excellent tutorial!

    • kater

      Reply Reply November 25, 2016

      I learn from the besto! Checks on the way Ms O’Dea! Yes, backing into solutions is my favorite method too. 🙂

  • Susie O'Dea

    Reply Reply November 25, 2016

    Lol…yes, now it’s time to go and setup more funnels! 😀

  • Daniel Baruch

    Reply Reply November 26, 2016

    Another great product. Keep the hits coming. Have a great weekend in Australia.

    Daniel Baruch

  • Daniel Baruch

    Reply Reply November 26, 2016

    And you too Kate have a great weekend in Indiana.

    Daniel Baruch

    • kater

      Reply Reply November 26, 2016

      You too Daniel!

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