How to Get the 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex

Outsourcer Rolodex

Are you ready to take someone's hard work finding reliable freelancers and turn it into an asset?  Here's how to get the 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex and more.

Read on.

One of the most valued assets I have are the freelancers I use (and trust) for writing, graphics, video and audio production.  Pretty selfish about sharing them, too.  So, my interest is always piqued when others share their “rolodex” of favorite tools and resources.  Here is a great example:  The 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex.

I love the way Luther created his resource kit and turned it into a product that appeals to those who want to leverage his resources, as well as how to flip it into a service business.

Not sure? Read on.

We all need outsourcing. Only a naive beginner believes she can do everything needed to create a thriving business. Imagine if I believed that when I first started online and was approached to produce gobs of articles. 2,500 a month. With that mindset, I would have turned away the gig because there was no way I could do it myself.

That was a big life-changing opportunity that would have been lost without a team.

The 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex is loaded with tips, freelancers and the way to turn this asset into a service business. Not only will you get links to trusted freelancers, but you'll get tips for when to approach an resource and hiring.

There you go, now you have your own resource Rolodex. But that's not all.

You'll also discover how you can turn this into a service business solving the same dilemmas for other marketers or businesses. Be a resource concierge (pimp).

Now here is a tip that is golden.

If you want to start building a reputation as a stellar entrepreneur – even as a beginner, then pick your niche and find other entrepreneurs who are already established in your niche. Start solving resource problems for them using this Rolodex.

Or just use it for your own purposes.

This is priceless.

Get the 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex and have a golden year.


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