How (and Why) to Get Managed Hosting and Free SSL


What if you could spend a buck today and have your own IT team? A Managed Hosting Service is like having your own IT team. Get my coupon for Managed Hosting with FREE SSL for under 10 bucks.

Before you spend another minute posting to your blog or hours creating Facebook ads, there is one change must make in 2017 or you website will become a ghost town.

In fact, this is going to catch a lot of people unprepared leaving them with a problem they have to deal with AFTER the damage is done. What am I talking about? Three letters… S S L

What is this? Those 3 letters stands for Secure Socket Layer.  SSL provides a secured channel of communication across the web. This is what the little green lock looks like on a website that is secured with SSL.

Without SSL, you are sending your information across an unsecured channel that can be intercepted by hackers.  Do you have a green lock on your website? Do you need SSL?

Do you have opt-in forms?

Do you want your website to be found in search?

Do you want to use paid ads?

Do you want more than one visitor to your site (you)?

Do you sell stuff?

Do you want to sell stuff?

You need SSL. Why?

The obvious motivation behind this is to make the Web a safer place for all of us as we share personal and financial information. Google championed the movement by setting direction for how they will handle websites that are not secured with SSL.

Google set a date – January 2017 – when websites not covered by https will display ‘Not secure’ instead of the explanation mark in their Chrome browser. Other browsers will certainly follow their lead.

What this means is that a visitor using a Chrome browser who visits you non-SSL secured website will be presented with this warning.

Here's  what happens when you are using Chrome and hit a website that isn't secured…

Needless to say, visitors will quickly backpedal away from your site. What can you do about this? Install SSL!

Life Is “Almost” Beautiful After Installing SSL

Once you have an SSL certificate installed the http:// portion of your website switches to to https://. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen, but there are ‘gottchas.”


You may have to pay for the certificate. Many hosting providers are moving to free certs, but the practice isn’t a de-facto standard yet.  It's the cost of doing business. Quit'yer whining. I'm going to tell you how to get FREE SSL AND Managed Hosting for a buck.

Installing SSL Means BackLink Hell

All links pointing to your website that were http:// are now broken.

Yes, all that time you spent commenting and guest posting to create backlinks to your website just snapped.  There are plugins and coding you can put into place to make broken links redirect to the correct page.

So umm, how many links to you think you have to address?

You may also experience internal glitches where images, calls to files and theme settings may not transition to the https://. This causes the path to break. When a page has broken links then the “security” is invalidated. The ‘green lock’ status is also broken and won’t appear in the browser.

So why would I want to do create this hell?  Because those links don't matter if you don't have SSL installed. Search engines may not even list your website, plus visitors get that ugly warning about an insecure website.

Installing SSL Creates Outbound Link Hell

Another way to break the “green lock” is to have links within your website pointing to sites that are not SSL. The only way to address that is to remove the link. Ok you can call up that web master and educate them on the SSL issue, but you still have a broken link until they make the move.

Remove the link on your own page and the green lock should reappear.

Is there a Good Time to Make This Move to SSL?

The best time to set up SSL is before you setup a blog. So if you loaded up on PLR and are ready to set up a niche site, be sure to set up SSL first. How do you do that? Heck I don’t know.

What's an SSL Boobie to Do?

I’m sure I could find some instructions and muck around with it for a day or two, but I chose to put this issue in the hands of experts. I moved all my hosting over to HostedSafe, got my SSL set up for free. They offer a Managed Hosting package which includes the SSL.

HostedSafe is the hosting service offered by Geoff and Susie O'Dea. If that name sounds familiar it should. Susie is another PLR publisher from  She also is a website designer and you may have seen some of her gorgeous themes she sells with some of her PLR packs.

HostedSafe serves customers off of hosting servers established in the United States.

Geoff is happy to answer your questions and help you through the transition to SSL. You won’t get that level of service from Hostgator or Bluehost.

Now, those of you who have been around awhile you know I’m a big fan of LiquidWeb, but when Geoff O’Dea at HostedSafe described the services and hosting they offered as competitive with Liquid Web, I made the switch to HostedSafe. This saved me over $100 a month. Not small change!

So here is your next step.

  1. Get SSL and hosting for $9.95  month.
  2. This level of service satisfies most of their offline business an internet marketer needs.  However I needed more disk and bandwidth so I was upgraded to a different package. This still saved my $100 a month.
  3. Geoff will move all your sites over, set up SSL and get you set for 2017. A complete Done-for-You service.
  4. If you think you need to chat with Geoff before making the move, just send a ticket to support AT- Geoff will respond personally to you.

Here is the SSL With Managed Hosting Coupon

Get started by clicking here and signing up. They'll install the SSL for free.

Use Coupon Code “MASTERY” on the second sign-up page to invoke the coupon for this Kater's customer discount, otherwise you won't get monthly cheap hosting deal with incredible support.

Questions? Leave a comment. If I can't answer it, I'll get my Hosting Host to answer. Isn't that cool?


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