How (and Why) to Get Managed Hosting and Free SSL

What if you could spend a buck today and have your own IT team? A Managed Hosting Service is like having your own IT team. Get my coupon for Managed Hosting with FREE SSL for under 10 bucks. Before you spend another minute posting to your blog or hours creating Facebook ads, there is one…

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How to Get the 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex

Outsourcer Rolodex

Are you ready to take someone’s hard work finding reliable freelancers and turn it into an asset?  Here’s how to get the 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex and more. Read on. One of the most valued assets I have are the freelancers I use (and trust) for writing, graphics, video and audio production.  Pretty selfish about sharing…

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C-Y-A Pages Every Blog Must Have

Just in case you missed the memo, there are a few critical business pages that must be present on your blog. I refer to these as “C-Y-A” or “Cover-Your-Assets” pages. In WordPress, use Pages and not Posts for these elements. Generally, Posts are reserved for the blog content while Pages are for static content. For…

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How to Set Up a Content Funnel Fast

How to Setup Content Funnels

What is a content funnel? Ryan Deiss is a master of traffic and online marketing. You can read his stuff at Digital Marketer. Loads of value in every post.  Here is what he has to say about traffic: You don’t have a traffic problem, you have a content problem. The point he’s making comes from…

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How to Turn Dead Domains Into Cash Income Streams

Domaining for Cash

Do you have an inventory of great domains that are just sitting around costing you money each year? Would you rather turn them into cash? Read on for tips and training to turn your dead domain assets into cash income streams using a system called domaining. One of the questions I ask people during the From…

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