I’m Kate Rieger aka Kater.  So you want to know about me.

In 2010, I was given a new opportunity to find fame and fortune outside of the Fortune 500 Company I’d worked at for 24 years.  Yes, I was fired.

Like thousands of other recently disenfranchised tech geeks, I purchased dozens of internet marketing courses. I studied the top marketers online and how they were making their millions. I eagerly gave them my unemployment cash.

After much trial and error and dozens of failures, I finally latched onto a course that actually put money into my bank account and started ghostwriting on various topics. Eventually, I locked into a deal that was a big turning point. A customer wanted me to write content for service-type websites. Everything from plumbing, to legal marijuana, to chiropractic and health spas.

This was an explosive entrance into the “writing game” with a $25k per month deal to deliver 2,000-3,000 articles per month for a marketing firm.

Yes. 2,000-3,000 400-word articles every month!

I had to build a team FAST. Team members had to be US English writers. Let’s just say I quickly learned how to ramp up quality content production fast.

Big ghostwriting projects are great, but the problem with ghostwriting is that once the article goes out the door it doesn’t earn my business any more income. Sure there’s referral work, but the article stopped making money for my business.

I learned about another content market, called private label rights, my ears perked up.
Private label rights, or PLR, is content that is sold to multiple marketers for them to use as their own products. There are different PLR licenses, but the most flexible licenses allow the purchaser to place their name, business or website on the product and brand it as their own product!

PLR offers a great opportunity to get a rapid product development process in place so you can get information products out there super fast. Especially if you are unsure of your writing abilities or have a limited time and money to pour into your business.

Since 2010, I'm recognized as a leading wellness PLR provider on the web.

The goal of any business is to get results from any investment be it money, time or material. The purpose of PLRUNzipped.com is to help solo entrepreneurs in health or fitness related markets put their content – either PLR or self produced – to work getting results for you.

Join in here to learn more and get free WordPress training, as well as tips for getting the most out of PLR.  No spam, just ham (or chicken, beef, or if you insist, tofu).

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